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Make Them Feel Special

Wondering what you can gift your loved one?

Gift Ideas


Datefix offers you some great choices on this page. We’ll be showing you choice options of the popular chocolates and flowers to some unconventional ideas that your boyfriend/ girlfriend will love! And you get bonus points for your out of the box thinking too!

Chocolates new

Although you may think these are a conventional choice, we’ve found some choice exclusives specially for you! Ditch the store bought ones and indulge your loved one in some delicious decadence! Liquor filled dark shells while watching the rain, in each other’s arms, nuts and caramel in gooey milk chocolate for stargazing and cuddling. Imagine and indulge.

Personalised Gifts

Want to do something extra special that’s exclusive and meaningful to you and your love? There’s no better gift than a personalised one that speaks your heart. Find engraved jewellery, custom made perfumes, specially commissioned artwork and much more here. Push out that boat because your love is extra and ocean deep.

Flower Showers

Do you know the language of flowers? Like red pink carnations mean “I’ll never forget you and red ones mean ‘ my heart aches for you’, and tulips mean ‘perfect love’. Flowers are as special and spectacular as the effort and and thought you put into choosing them for your loved ones. Find your beloved the flowers that speak your heart.

Gift Vouchers

Let your sweetheart choose by giving a voucher or gift cards from a store they love. Specially great for times when you can’t be together or when you know you’ll goof up again in choosing a gift yourself. Check out the best-loved stores where you can buy these from!

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