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Gifting Dilemmas

The much-celebrated occasions in the year are often the most dreaded occasions too! Birthdays, anniversaries, and (yikes!) Valentines Day, have to power to riddle you with anxiety, and make you whimper like a whipped puppy! You tear your hair out for days on end and pray that you will attain enlightenment on the perfect gift to buy before the day dawns, but that just doesn’t happen. You run around like a headless chicken on the last minute manic hunt and end up buying peanuts for gold which your partner doesn’t really appreciate. Because of course, your partner isn’t a monkey! You can relate to this and you ask, so how can I avoid being in this (animalistic) situation again? Luckily for you, here are a few topping pointers!

Ditch the flowers and chocolate

While I agree that the idea of a bunch of roses and Dairy Milk Silk is timeless, it is, at the same time, uninspired and mundane. And you definitely didn’t want to come across as mundane!
Moreover, the flowers will wilt in a couple of days, and chocolate isn’t welcomed all the time, due to dietary restrictions. Much worse, your gifts are now perceived as an easy way to get out of putting in the thought and effort to find a really great gift. So your gift has not only failed to impress, it’s made a negative impact in your partner’s eyes!

Don’t venture into beauty and style products

Beauty and style products can be thoughtful, but more often than not, perfumes and clothes are very personal items and there is no guarantee that you will be gifting your partner something you know they’ll really love. More often than not, they use only a particular brand or style and the last thing you want is for your present to be lying in a dusty corner of their closet for a few months before it is discarded ( mostly to the bai). I’ve been gifted clothes, ( thrown away as I don’t wear synthetic ) perfumes, ( given off to sis as I hate that smell on me) shoes,
( didn’t fit, had to dump) watches ( exchanged as I didn’t like the style) costume jewellery (regifted because it didn’t suit my face) and make up (still lying somewhere as I don’t use that brand).
So unless you know exactly what your partner wants, and I mean exactly, don’t waste your time and money on this option.

Don’t get impersonal items!

Things like showpieces for the house are an absolute no no! No planters, statues, picture frames or other such nonsense, please! Much worse are household appliances! Don’t get your wife an OTG unless you want her to hate you forever!
It’s her/ his day! Find something that has value and meaning to them personally! Look into investing that pretty jewellery piece she’ll love, see if you can buy him that antique watch that he’ll cherish. Personal is what value the gift has to the person receiving it. You may not think the item was really worth the money or all that attractive but look from your partner’s point of view only when you’re gifting. Your personal preferences aren’t important! Your personal preference should be only to make your partner really happy!

Don’t NOT get anything!

You might give in to the pressure and just ask your partner what they want as a present,
( HA! You thought there was an easy way out!?) but more often than not the reply will be,
“I don’t want anything!” While this may be true (rarely), the odds are that they are expecting a great present anyway! And you may grumble about it, “ why doesn’t she just tell me what she wants (!!!)”, the reality is she just wants you to be thoughtful enough to just know! But you do not know! You and that ‘knowing’ are 3569 km apart! Do not give into taking her word for it and not get anything because seriously, that’s just sad. Not to mention, mean. Do you care about your partner? Find the right way to show it!


So what CAN you buy? Take advantage of vouchers

If you know the brands and names of the stores that your partner likes, buying them a voucher will ensure that they get exactly what they want. Indeed, this option seems less romantic, but it is practical and means that they have a number of choices within the voucher limit to choose from! It also shows you understand your partner’s preferences in brands and stores! That definitely scores you 10 on 10 in their books! And of course, you can then accompany this with flowers and/or chocolates! Or that difficult to find a flavor of candy! Don’t know stores or brand they like? Get an Amazon gift voucher! You can put it in a basket of his/ her favorite snacks!


Listen well and ask correctly

Your partner may not have explicitly stated what they want as a gift, but people often drop hints and casually mention things they like or want to own, or maybe a restaurant they’d love to go to! Listen for and pick up on these hints and use them for gifting. You can be extra smart and ask masked questions like “ what do you think are great gifts to receive?” when talking about a bad gift you got from someone. Ask for options and opinions so that you find something in your budget in those choices. And then go get that, rather same old stuffed animals or mug. Or stuffed animal in a mug ( I got that too, gave to my niece. She’s the kid!


Include a personal touch

Just giving a wrapped up present to someone can be too stiff and clinical. Always include a note or a card in which you can convey a handwritten message. This can be as long as short as you like- get creative and your partner will surely cherish it as much, if not more, than your actual present.

Dear Meena, Happy birthday. Your smile brightens any room you walk into and warms my heart. Thank you for putting up with my snoring and messy room, I appreciate you more than you know. All my love, Jay.

You could consider engraving your present with their initials, or a special nickname, if possible.


So Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy Valentine’s Day! May you give and receive the presents that you truly cherish!
P.s ask your partner to read this article if they need a gigantic hint for your next gift!

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